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Three Elements to Fertilizer
1 Nitrogen
2 Phosphate
3 Potash

Each element has a particular purpose as to what it does to a grass plant. Let’s be simple here and just say that your lawn needs all of the above, but in different amounts.

Nitrogen is the most used of the elements. It produces fast growth, dark color and helps thicken the grass. But a Fertilizer that is high in Nitrogen and low in Phosphate and Potash will create too much top growth and not enough root growth or energy storage for recovery. A balanced fertilizing program for your lawn will include all three main elements.

The level of maintenance you want to give your lawn will determine your fertilizing schedule. Some people will only fertilize in the fall, some fall and spring, and others follow a strict 4 or 6
application schedule for each year. The time to start Fertilizing is 30 days prior to the start of the growing season. In our area that is the beginning of March to the beginning of April. A four application program will be spread out approximately 60 days apart through the growing season.

Lawn care can be challenging, especially when there are so many different factors to consider. Depending on how your lawn is used, you could have excessive foot traffic or other damaging situations. This can cause compaction of the soil, creating the look of hard, dry, grass, or thatch. This means the nutrients and air usually helping the soil have been depleted, with restricted air flow and water infiltration. Thatch is bad for the lawn because water can’t get through. 

We use aeration to restore your lawn back to its luscious, green, healthy state. This process helps with nutrient and water penetration, with a reduced compaction. Here are additional benefits of aeration:

  • Alleviates soil compaction

The aeration process ensures the compacted soil will be alleviated, allowing water, air, and fertilizer to get to the roots. 

  • Helps manage thatch
    The thicker the thatch, the more harmful it is to your lawn. Thatch prevents rain and nutrients from getting through. With aeration, microorganisms designed to decompose the thatch from the soil to the top of the layer are introduced.
  • Increases nutrients

With aeration, nutrients can penetrate the soil and roots.

  • Creates thicker lawns

With aeration, the roots are stimulated, promoting growth. With specialized care, bare spots will be filled in, and the likelihood of diseases or drought tolerance is tempered.

  • Grass is prepped for different seasons
    We carefully decide when to aerate and fertilize the grass for the best results depending on the season.

Lawn aeration may be needed on heavy clay soils to assist with air circulation and water filtration. 

Leaf removal is a follow-up exercise for a homeowner tending to his/her own lawn. It will keep your yard clean after autumn. There is nothing to be stressed about, especially if you let the lawn care professionals at Lanier Landscaping take care of it.

Leaf removal is important because the energy stored from the process of photosynthesis can be utilized when spring comes around. However, if there are leaves on the lawn, this process
will be inhibited. Basically, the leaves will block light which is necessary for photosynthesis. So, you need to remove the leaves to nourish your lawn and allow it to breathe.

Give us a call to take care of the leaf removal of your property!

Mulching is great for your lawn because it offers a number of benefits. It will make your plants look healthier and it should be a regular practice. Your plants need a constant supply of water and nutrients and mulch provides them with those nutrients when it breaks down. As mulch breaks after rain, it adds humus to the soil, which increases organic matter in the soils and improves the water holding capacity of soils. It releases nitrogen and phosphorous which are essential for the soil. It also provides habitat for microorganisms that keep the plants healthy. Clippings recycle nutrients that are essential for roots so they should be restored back to the soil. So, clippings can save the amount of fertilizer application which will save time, money, and labor. We need these clippings to break down so they can provide a habitat for microorganisms essential for plants. The clippings need to be as small as possible for them to break down quickly and not add up to the thatch layer. This can be achieved through regular lawn mowing. Weed removal is also required before mulching.

An important thing to remember is that large clippings are not good for the soil because they will deprive the roots of water. A lawn thatch layer which is full of old grass clippings will create
a risk for an outbreak of lawn diseases. Sometimes, grass clippings may add up to a thatch problem but if your lawn is mowed regularly and a mulching mower is used, it will not cause a thatch build-up. Compost can also be used as mulch.It provides nutrients for plants to grow as it is made up of organic matter.

Another organic matter that is good for mulching is leaves. Because leaves are abundant in fall season, you can easily mulch them into the soil. This will provide the necessary organic matter
the soil actually needs. Mulched leaves get broken down by microorganisms and turned into usable organic matter for soil and plants. Plants need mulching in hot weather is to provide their roots with moisture. In cold weather, plants need mulching to protect their roots from freezing.

With pools come maintenance. Pools need chemical balancing, cleaning, and winterizing. Let Lanier take care of it.

Pristine looking flower beds can increase your lawns curb appeal. Mulch when exposed to the elements will start to decompose and start to loose its color. Heavy rain can also wash out the mulch and expose the soil underneath.

Trees need to trimmed every 3-5 years. Whether it’s to keep trees managed, or keep from growing around power lines.

Hedges on the other hand need to be trimmed 2-3 times a year. Round or square we can maintain them for you. If left unkempt, hedges will grow into trees which can overall be appealing.

Toggle Commercial or residential, your windows will need to be cleaned roughly twice a year. Dirt, pollen, and other contaminants can keep natural light of shining through.. Lanier can repel down the building or can climb a ladder. Content

Let Lanier clean your pavers or concrete patios, walkways, decks, and driveways Over time, they will accumulate grime from dust, pollen, foot traffic, leaves, and grass clippings , etc. The elements of any season can be brutal to anything left outside your hardscape installation included.

Typically once a year, the poly sand for your patio could slowly wash away and need replacing. While

We provide extensive maintenance services to keep your landscaping looking new every day. From hardscaping cleaning and maintenance to snow removal, our goal is to ensure your areas stay pristine no matter the season.

What does cleaning and maintenance consist of?

Have you ever wondered how brick pavers and retaining walls stay so clean and beautiful? That’s hardscaping cleaning and maintenance. It consists of a variety of techniques to keep dust, pollen, leaves, clippings from fresh lawn cutting, and more from detracting from the beauty of your areas. While simple methods include dust blowers for surface cleaning, getting rid of stains from the elements takes a little bit more.
While this seems simple enough, Lanier has the knowledge and expertise to make sure the correct chemicals and processes are being used for the type of pavers and other materials used for your landscaping project. The last thing you want is a beautiful design that’s been ruined from negligence. It’s always best to consult a landscaping team that understands the value of your investment from start to finish. That’s why we take pride in our designs and upkeep services that provide the very best in materials and maintenance.
Your landscape and surrounding spaces speak their own language. Lanier is ready and waiting to help keep your spaces as beautiful as the day they were designed; making sure you are showing off the very best version of your home.