Residential Design

Our Design Services

We have the knowledge and experience to design any outdoor space to feel like an extension of the home. Your hardscape design will not only showcase your style, but will also provide the best ambience to enhance your entertaining experience.

Our 3D designs will provide a visual perspective that will immerse you directly into the final look that can be walked through with virtual reality.

All of our services

are tailored to the exact needs of the client. From initial concept design to project completion, Lanier puts the necessities of the client first. We can provide three types of designs: A quick hand drawing can give a general idea of the project; A 2D design can give a more detailed view of the project but doesn’t give a full view of the design; A 3D rendering is our most popular design and provides top of the line detail.

Our Design Process


This is step one in the process, where a design team specialist conducts a brief informational session (usually by phone) to answer questions, gather information and gain a deeper understanding of your needs. We discuss dimensions of the existing site, look at photos, and find out what’s on the initial wish list. This phase may or may not include general pricing.

On-Site Appointment

Step two involves an in-person, on-site appointment which takes about 1 to 2 hours. This is where we have an in-depth client interview, gather additional information, and helps the designer come up with an initial design. We focus on a few objectives:

Site Evaluation

We take a good look at the site, including drawing a base map, taking measurements and grades, evaluating the soil conditions, taking photos, and confirming access routes.

Initial sketches

Our designer may be able to develop a quick, hand-drawn sketch on their initial design concept, outlining the direction of their vision for your project. A copy may be left with you.


Based on the information gathered and the complexity of the project, we usually provide a rough estimate for the design concept. At this time, contracts may also be signed, with a follow-up appointment scheduled at our design center.

Follow-Up Appointment

The follow-up appointment is crucial to the project. You come to our design center, look around our showroom, and get a better feel for what we do. You will be presented with a completed design for your feedback, changes, and approval. At this point, we begin discussing material options and product samples that you can see and feel. We’ll also give our best


If the contracts have not been signed, this is the time when all documents are signed, and a 1/2 deposit is collected for placement on our design calendar. Please note, our projects are booked 8 weeks in advance. We have multiple design services, so they can include a variety of designs and 3-D models. 

Due to the different types of diagrams we produce, they are proportionally drawn to a measurable scale. Depending on the type of project, your design may be hand drawn or something more detailed. Once the initial drawing view is produced, our team can create a 3-D model for better visualization.