Commercial Maintenance

Lanier provides extensive maintenance services to keep your landscaping looking new every day. From hardscaping cleaning and maintenance to snow removal, our goal is to ensure your areas stay pristine no matter the season.

What does cleaning and maintenance consist of?

Have you ever wondered how brick pavers and retaining walls stay so clean and beautiful? That’s hardscaping cleaning and maintenance. It consists of a variety of techniques to keep dust, pollen, leaves, clippings from fresh lawn cutting, and more from detracting from the beauty of your areas. While simple methods include dust blowers for surface cleaning, getting rid of stains from the elements takes a little bit more.
While this seems simple enough, Lanier has the knowledge and expertise to make sure the correct chemicals and processes are being used for the type of pavers and other materials used for your landscaping project. The last thing you want is a beautiful design that’s been ruined from negligence. It’s always best to consult a landscaping team that understands the value of your investment from start to finish. That’s why we take pride in our designs and upkeep services that provide the very best in materials and maintenance.
Your landscape and surrounding spaces speak their own language. Lanier is ready and waiting to help keep your spaces as beautiful as the day they were designed; making sure you are showing off the very best version of your home.