Commercial Landscaping

Our Landscaing Services

We specialize in artificial turf solutions for residential properties. Known for its durability, quality, and resistance to continued wear and tear. Our installation services are complete and thorough, ensuring your areas are aesthetically pleasing and realistic enough to look like real grass. Affordable and versatile, this solution does not require the need for additional soil or excavation, creating an alternative that is not as labor-intensive. 

Why use artificial turf?

If you have high-traffic areas on your residential property, artificial turf may be a worthwhile investment that blends in with your preexisting lawn spaces for a functional finish. Low maintenance it can be designed to enhance certain areas that require the look and feel of grass that may not need the additional attention grass requires.

Artificial turf works well with hardscaping areas that need that extra something to bring it to life. An excellent alternative that does not require additional research on pests or upkeep, it is safe for children, for properties that continuously entertain, and is a good landscape option for pool-based areas where traffic is high, but maintenance needs to be low.

Are you interested in seeing how we can help transform your landscape with artificial turf? One of our design team specialists can show you how it’s done!

Lanier Landscaping supplies a wide range of decorative rock from many states across the midwest. This provide a low maintenance solution that is an up cost investment to a lifetime problem solved. With the wide range of colors and sizes we supply, we can match any residential or commercial siding, brick, stone, etc.

A professionally lit landscape can make a stunning first impression for neighbors passing by, or for friends and family paying you a visit. Imagine the effect a few down lights can create by casting shadows as the light comes through the lacy canopy of the trees. Or the powerful highlights of architectural features that a few well- placed accent lights can make. And the warmth and coziness a soft lighting can add to your home, building a perfect setting for outdoor parties and gatherings.

Outdoor lighting provides both form and function. Just a few lights can provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment. Path lights can illuminate a walkway to your front door at night, while step lights can help visitors safely make their way up a set of steps.

Outdoor lighting can also extend the use of your outdoor space. A well-lit patio or outdoor deck will let you enjoy your space well into the evening, creating a relaxing ambiance that you’ll enjoy at the end of a long day. Lighting can also serve as a deterrent to residential crimes. Brightening up dark corners can make your home less inviting to potential intruders, since there are fewer dark areas that provide cover.

Without landscape lighting you’re only using half of your landscape’s potential. Not only is landscape lighting a great feature for keeping your family and visitors safe, it also brings your living space to life at night. All of our lighting fixtures are high quality, low voltage LED’s with lifespans of up to 50,000 hours. 

We commonly install path lights, under cap wall and step lights, up-lighting on trees and shrubs and water feature lighting. We can install systems as simple as a few path lights leading up your walkway, to something as intricate as a whole yard system with individual fixture dimming and zoning capabilities controlled from your smart phone.

Showcase the architectural details of your home by illuminating a stone facade or lighting up decorative archways. Or, shine a little light on a specimen tree to show off it’s unique branching structure. These are just a few ways that outdoor lighting can enhance the overall look of your home.

Landscape Design, Installation & Irrigation Services
With 50-65 percent of municipal water being used for irrigation, there is a significant opportunity to reduce water usage costs through efficient landscape design and installation. BrightView’s water irrigation experts consider the combination of water-efficient plants, together with appropriate hardscaping and sprinkler system installation and technologies to minimize the cost for your community.

Reduced Water Usage & Irrigation Cost
With our research and technologies there are few, if any, irrigation companies that can match our implementation of smart technologies, leak detection systems and water recovery programs—supported by ongoing water usage data analysis—to minimize your irrigation costs.

Water Usage Analysis & Irrigation Management
Up to 15-20% reduction in water costs can be attributed to the appropriate analysis of water usage. We can compare data across multiple sites to establish benchmarks and identify best water reduction practices to eliminate waste and reduce expenses for your properties.

A great landscaping job has an equal balance between hardscapes and softscapes. We help soften the look and feel of each project with shrubs, flowers, and trees that make sense. Putting the right combinations together isn’t easy – the wrong plants can throw the entire design aesthetic off. Our design team understands the climate conditions, items affecting the soil, pests that may be local to the region, and space to make the design work. 

There are huge considerations when planting, including the size of the trees and shrubs, what works best for the size of the landscaping project, the best items to plant for entryways, privacy, semi-drought areas, and secluded spaces. There is a lot of thought behind how trees grow, will they eventually affect the landscape, if they can be planted certain times of year, and more. 

Let us help plan and protect your investment with an experienced team of arborists and design landscapers that know how to plant, how to care for those plants and trees, and can envision how things will look and act in the future. There’s a reason why you only see certain trees being planted. Everything is a design choice carefully thought and planned.

You never know how grass and other things will be affected until you look beyond the initial aesthetic. While we specialize in creating beautiful spaces, we also understand how quickly the project can be affected with the wrong choices. Our team won’t let that happen. 

For excellent planting services that go the distance, contact a design team member today.

Great landscaping on a commercial project doesn’t come overnight. It takes careful planning, observation, and work to select the right aesthetic that works. We take all factors into account including the structures on the property, slope, and plants that will look attractive year-round. Our goal is to help you acquire the best look and feel that makes your project worry-free.

How does that work?

 We consider the nature of the business, using our lawn care experts, arborists, professional landscape planners and designers, and irrigation team to not only plan something spectacular but commerce worthy. 

Every client has specific needs, and we work with your team to implement the best solutions. While residential and commercial properties may have some of the same foliage, commercial projects use different tactics. Our knowledge, expertise, and training provide the best installation, landscape design, lawn care, and more. From the lighting needed to highlight certain transitions to positioning your trees and plants for effective sunlight or shade, we ensure a conversation-worthy landscape that remains in great condition no matter the weather.
Lanier is committed to providing a custom commercial experience using foundational elements that are specific to the commercial process. We gather all of the viable information and devise a plan that is beneficial for your budget and your timeline. Let us create the best landscaping for you and we will leave a positive lasting impression on our community, guaranteed!