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Lanier has also partnered with many businesses in town. The most well-known is our relationship with Mizzou. Mizzou has trusted us with many jobs over the last few years including, but not limited to, cleaning the stadium seating areas, and windows before the season. We take Tiger Pride in our work and make sure you can have the best seat in the house for every outdoor game.

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As a fellow business owner we are very disappointed in this company's responsiveness. We hired Lanier to plan over $17K worth of mature trees in November of 2021. Two types of trees were planted; weeping willow and baby blue spruce.We have watered, fertilized, and cared for the trees as instructed but several of the baby blue spruce trees started showing signs of discolor. We called the company numerous times trying to figure out why or what we could do but they never called back.We now have completely dead trees next to our beautiful wedding venue! We have called TEN times about this issue, spoke with Miranda and left messages with absolutely NO response.The trees are warranted until November, it's now early October and we can't get them to stand behind their policy to replace the dead spruce trees.
Wayne DohertyWayne Doherty
00:07 18 Jun 22
Fantastic from beginning to end! So happy to have met so many of the team members and each was polite, great at what they were doing, and went above and beyond with quality care. We designed with them and they built a very sophisticated pad for the green house we are constructing. They had all their own equipment and operated all safely and efficiently. We had a large section of brush and 7 medium to large sized cedar trees downed and cleaned up so we could use the wood in future construction. The costs for the tree work alone would have been nearly as high as the total price for my entire project if I had broken the job up. What I originally thought was an expensively high job cost ended up being a great deal for me as the true scope of the work was revealed. They did great cleanup, used the extra 1-inch clean rock to beef up my gravel road and used my extra dirt in another area where I had a grading problem - all was beyond my original scope of this project! But it worked out for them and me to do it that way (less for them to remove). I would definitely recommend this team for your landscaping projects!!! From tree removal to construction with stone work and the little extras they are the best thing going in landscaping projects in Columbia MO in my opinion (having used 4 other companies for other projects previously at my old home)!!! Hire them and you will not be sorry you did. We are now already planning 2 other projects with them in the near future!!!
Taurean SnoddyTaurean Snoddy
15:10 19 May 22
Good group of guys on the crew and they all work like professionals
Julia DraperJulia Draper
21:28 03 May 22
I hired Lanier because I was having issues with water flooding into our house through the back patio door. We had a two-part issue and they only addressed one of our concerns. We needed a new retaining wall to prevent dirt from being washed onto the patio, but our main issue was the water building up in front of the wall and coming in the door. I addressed this with them the first time they came out and then again several more times during the work, telling them I was hesitant about their work once started because it seemed they were only concerned with building the wall and never gave a thought to the water building on the patio. Sure enough, my house flooded again last night. The work on the wall is fine, but they did NOT solve my problem and in fact made it worse. This wasn't a small fee for me and now I will have to go elsewhere for additional work. Very disappointed.Edited to address comment below: The French drain they spoke of will not solve the current issues. We don't need more drainage behind the wall. We need drainage on the concrete patio. There was a drain system in place there before their work, but they removed it. The drain system did need work, but I never expected them to remove it. The concrete patio now collects all rain water that drops on it until it builds up and comes in the patio doors. Their only concern each time I addressed this problem was the water that came down from behind the wall. They didn't seem to understand that rain water also falls from the sky onto the patio itself.
Tina BarnesTina Barnes
15:44 19 Apr 22
Highly recommend this Company! I will be using them for future Landscaping Services!
Devin BarnesDevin Barnes
13:04 19 Apr 22
Lanier takes pride in their work, has the equipment most don’t have to get top results and the right people to get the job done! Highly recommend!
jaden nashjaden nash
01:11 19 Apr 22
I love the sod that was done in my yard. It looks absolutely amazing and was done in a timely and professional manner!
Brandon LoftonBrandon Lofton
13:52 23 Mar 22
Would recommend! Megan is the best and her landscaping vision are amazing!
Lisa AtkinsonLisa Atkinson
11:22 23 Mar 22
Wonderful company. They do exceptional work. Would highly recommend.
Lilly KnipfelLilly Knipfel
01:49 23 Mar 22
Very pleased with with Lanier’s service. Very professional and get it done attitude!
Lane GuessLane Guess
21:12 10 Jan 22
They do a fantastic job at what they do! Would not recommend anybody else!!
Jecca KindleJecca Kindle
20:25 10 Jan 22
Lance Lanier delivers top notch service, highly recommend for all your outdoor living spaces!
Keaton LeisingerKeaton Leisinger
18:09 07 Jan 22
Lanier Landscaping was super responsive when I reached out the them for snow removal. The weather wasn’t as severe as we anticipated but Lance was prepped and ready to move some snow! Very professional and would use them again.
Galaxy ZeroGalaxy Zero
14:10 07 Jan 22
Could not be more impressed with how Lanier handled my project. Clear communication from start to finish and the quality of work they do speaks for itself. True professionals. 10/10 would recommend.
Miranda LilienkampMiranda Lilienkamp
15:01 20 Oct 21
I met Lance through an acquaintance. He was very professional and knowledgeable about Landscaping. His crew is also very kind and patient. I went through Lanier to purchase a gift for a family member. He was very understanding and willing to work with both me and my sister in law. I will be using Lanier in the future for all of my landscaping needs.
nick davisnick davis
01:03 20 Oct 21
It's not everyday that a contractor pays you on time, and it almost never works out to where they pay you as soon as you are done with a job. This company was easy to work with, and went above and beyond with making my job run more efficient. If lanier landscaping needs something done electrically they move to the top of my list, those that pay fast, and treat their subs with respect get people to show up fast when they need something done.
Audrey WilkersonAudrey Wilkerson
01:56 15 Apr 21
Lanier Landscaping is by far the BEST company I have worked with. Every single one of their guys are professional and great to work with. I would say they definitely go above and beyond with any work they do. I have hired them multiple times throughout the years for different projects and I have never been disappointed. Great price, great work, and great guys! Lance and his guys will always have my business!
Rod CaseyRod Casey
18:19 30 Oct 20
We needed a solution to stop critters (skunks, raccoons, rabbits, possums, you name it) from getting under our deck and sunroom. Lance and his crew had just what we needed in metal fencing at a 90 degree angle buried in the rocks and dirt. No more catch & release 10 miles away. Thanks Lanier Landscaping!

Mizzou Partner

Lanier has also partnered with many businesses in town. The most well known is our relationship with Mizzou. Mizzou has trusted us with many jobs over the last few years. Including but not limited to, cleaning the stadiums seating areas and windows before the season. We take Mizzou Pride in our work and make sure you can have the best seat in the house for every outdoor game. 


Lance Lanier is originally from New London, Missouri. Shortly after graduating from Hannibal High in 2010, he started working as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in Monroe City. This is where his passion for helping people and the community really began. He continued to work as an EMT for the next 5 years until he found his way to Columbia working for the Columbia, Missouri Fire Department. Shortly after moving to Columbia, he met his now-wife Kim Lanier.

During his time as an EMT and a Fire Firefighter, Lance was doing small landscaping jobs to pass the time when he wasn’t on duty. He decided to take his hobby to the next level and create Lanier Landscaping in 2016, after an accident during a fire rescue that left him unable to fulfill his duties.

Lance and Kim married in 2017 and became co-owners of Lanier. They have two children Jack and Max. They love to travel and spend time with friends and family.

As of today, Lance has worked in landscaping for over 10 years and has no plans on stopping. He enjoys working on retaining walls, patios, outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces. His newest obsession is in-ground pools and he can’t wait to share his passions yet again with the community.